Alexandra Almonte

Alexandra Almonte is the founder of SimplyQueens. She has lived in Queens, New York, for over 20 years. She is proud to call this borough her home and passionate about the incredible culture, history, and traditions.

As a mother, she understands how important it is for families to find their home in an accessible and safe neighborhood.

She specializes in Digital Marketing and SEO, including digital promotion and community engagement.

She is committed to using her knowledge and experience to help others discover the best areas of Queens to live in, exploring not just the real estate industry but also connecting people with the various cultural offerings that make this borough so unique.

From its impressive skyline views to its historical festivals and parades, there’s something for everyone in Queens.

In addition to providing insight into the city’s best neighborhoods, she is eager to share all the other exciting things around Queens. Whether it’s a tucked-away art gallery or a hidden bookstore deep within one of its many parks, there are always new places to explore daily.

There are plenty of outdoor recreational activities available too – from kayaking down Jamaica Bay or catching a baseball game at Citi Field – perfect for when you want some fresh air after spending time indoors due to COVID-19 guidelines.

The borough of Queens provides endless opportunities for exploration and adventure whether you’re a family looking for their next home or just interested in discovering more about this fascinating place.

With my expertise as both a marketing professional and local resident of nearly two decades here in Queens, I’m excited to welcome you on your journey through this wonderful borough!

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