A Quest for the Best Dim Sum in Flushing Queens

If you’re looking for some of the Best Dim Sum in Flushing Queens, you’ve come to the right place. Dim sum is a Chinese cuisine that typically consists of small steamed dumplings or buns filled …

If you’re looking for some of the Best Dim Sum in Flushing Queens, you’ve come to the right place.

Dim sum is a Chinese cuisine that typically consists of small steamed dumplings or buns filled with pork, shrimp, or vegetables.

It’s the perfect meal to enjoy with family and friends, and there’s no better place to try dim sum than in Flushing, Queens.

With dozens of restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the best. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 7 best dim sum restaurants in Flushing Queens.

So whether you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to check out these places for some delicious dim sum!

Dim Sum Spots in Flushing

Asian Jewels Seafood

Asian Jewels has a massive dining area and they serve Dim Sum into the afternoon. The dumplings are wheeled around on carts and are frequently supplied minutes after they’ve been cooked and steamed.

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce and honeycomb tripe with black pepper sauce, as well as pillowy vegetarian rice noodle rolls and minced beef balls with orange peel, are all highly recommended.

Shanghai You Garden

Shanghai You Garden is a true hidden gem in Flushing Queens. This restaurant specializes in authentic Shanghainese dim sum. The menu includes steamed pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, Shanghai wontons, and the spicy pork and garlic soup dumplings.

Their soup dumpling come with various fillings, including pork or veg options and seafood! The skin isn’t as thick and delicate as some places can make them out; these are super thin but also tender enough to stay together when you pick up one.

The exterior of these delicious dumplings is dyed to show you which variety they are. You can choose between 10 different xiao long bao, all tender and juicy on the inside, with their unique skins colored differently to identify them easily!

Order a plate of pan-fried pork buns with the perfect thickness, or if you’re feeling adventurous, order half Peking duck at $20 per dish.

White Bear Flushing

White Bear is a small restaurant located in Flushing Queens, but it serves some of the most well-known dumplings and wontons. The pork wontons with chile oil (#6) is one of their stand out dishes. They’re stuffed with pork and topped with a mixture of sandy red pepper paste and chili oil, as well as caramelized onions and scallions.

White Bear also offers a variety of frozen dumplings and wontons in amounts ranging from 50 to 200. They specialize in other dishes too, like turnip puffs, Shanghai siu mai, and other seasonal dishes.

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll – For those who seek a more traditional dim sum experience, Joe’s Steam Rice Roll is the perfect place. The restaurant specializes providing authentic Cantonese experience with dishes like steamed rice rolls, shrimp dumplings, pork buns, and more. The rolls are made with a traditional rice batter and filled with an assortment of delicious ingredients like pork, shrimp, egg and other savory fillings.

The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of congee and noodle dishes, including their signature steamed beef tripe in broth.

For those looking for something sweet, Joe’s Steam Rice Roll has a wide selection of pastries and desserts. From their signature sesame balls to sweet red bean buns, these delicacies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao

Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao is a modestly appointed Chinese eatery serving top-notch Shanghai-style dishes including dim sum and soup dumplings. Start with scallion pancakes, try the chicken dumplings and, of course, order the Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao, with just the right amount of soup inside.

The restaurant serves Nan Xiang’s signature crab and pork soup dumplings and Shanghainese dim sum, plus new dishes like colorful “lucky-six” soup dumplings, truffle soup dumplings, crispy turnip puffs, Shanghai siu mai and other seasonal dishes, according to a press release.

  • 13533 39th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354
  • (718) 762-2339
  • http://www.kungfuxiaolongbao.com/

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao:

This classic dim sum spot has been serving up some of the freshest and best soup dumplings in Flushing Queens since 2006. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao is known for their signature soup dumplings, which are filled with a flavorful pork mixture and served in broth. Other menu highlights include steamed pork buns, vegetable dumplings, pan-fried Shanghai noodles, and crispy shrimp rolls. Some of the most popular items on the menu include scallion pancakes with beef, spicy, tripe, rice cakes with shredded pork, and steamed bun.

The freshness of the ingredients used in their dishes is what makes Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao stand out from other dim sum restaurants. All of their dishes are made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, making each bite unique and delicious.

  • 39-16 Prince St #104, Queens, NY 11354
  • (718) 321-3838
  • http://www.nanxiangxiaolongbao.com/

Crown One

For an upscale dim sum experience, there’s no better place than Crown One in Flushing Queens. This modern Chinese restaurant has a spacious and airy ballroom-like atmosphere with beautiful decor and attentive service. The menu features traditional Cantonese delicacies such as steamed pork buns, shrimp dumplings, shrimp rice noodle rolls and scallop dumplings.

The restaurant is also a popular spot for special occasions like birthday parties, wedding receptions and corporate events. Crown One can customize its decorations to suit any event – from giant red paper lanterns to traditional Chinese fans.

For those who prefer to dine in private, there’s the option of reserving a private room. This allows guests to have a more intimate dining experience with family and friends. Save yourself the hassle of searching for a parking spot by taking advantage of there valet Parking.

  • 34-20 Linden Place, Flushing, NY 11354
  • (718) 799-0568
  • https://crownoneny.com/

Flushing Queens is a foodie paradise, and its dim sum spots are among the best in the city. Whether you’re looking for traditional Cantonese-style dishes or something more modern, there’s something for everyone. No matter your preference, these spots in Flushing Queens are sure to satisfy your cravings!


Q. What is dim sum?

A. Dim sum is a Chinese cuisine which consists of small dishes like dumplings, pastries, and other bite-sized snacks that are served in steamer baskets or on small plates. It is typically enjoyed as part of a leisurely brunch with tea or other beverages.

Q. What is the process for ordering dim sum?

A. Generally, when you arrive at a dim sum restaurant, you’ll be given a menu and will begin ordering dishes from it. Servers will then bring out small plates or steamer baskets of food to your table. You can also ask them to bring specific dishes that may not be on the menu.

Q. How much does dim sum usually cost?

A. Prices vary from restaurant to restaurant, but it’s generally quite affordable. A typical meal for two people will likely cost around $20-30 USD.

Q. Is dim sum suitable for vegetarians?

A. Yes, there are many vegetarian dim sum options available that don’t contain any animal products. Popular dishes include vegetable dumplings and buns filled with mushrooms or tofu.

Q. What is the best way to enjoy dim sum?

A. The best way to enjoy dim sum is to take your time and savor the flavors of each dish. We recommend sharing dishes with friends or family, so that you can sample as many different items as possible. And be sure to order a pot of tea – it’s an essential part of the experience!

Q. Is dim sum served all day long?

A. No, dim sum is usually served during the lunch and brunch hours of the day. Many restaurants will offer special menus on weekends or holidays, so be sure to check ahead of time if you’re planning a visit.

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