A Taste of Peru: Exploring the Best Peruvian Restaurants in Queens NY

If you’re looking for some of the Best Peruvian Restaurants in Queens NY, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Peruvian restaurants in the borough. Queens, …

If you’re looking for some of the Best Peruvian Restaurants in Queens NY, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Peruvian restaurants in the borough.

Queens, the most ethnically diverse borough in New York City, is home to dozens of amazing Peruvian restaurants.

If you’re looking for an incredible Peruvian meal, look no further than these restaurants. From traditional dishes like pollo a la brasa to modern twists on classic dishes like causas rellenas, these Queens Peruvian restaurants will leave you wanting more.

So what are you waiting for? Check out this list.

The Best authentic Peruvian food Queens has to offer!


Jora Restaurant & Bar is an award-winning Peruvian restaurant located in Long Island City, established in 2014. With its traditional and contemporary dishes, craft Pisco cocktails, and excellent service from knowledgeable staff members – Jora is the perfect spot for a romantic date night, family gathering or business lunch.

Famous for its aji de gallina, rocoto relleno and seco de cordero dishes, Jora also offers a variety of authentic desserts such as mazamorra morada. A visit to Jora is an excellent introduction to Peru’s diverse cuisine.

Caleta 111

Caleta 111 is a Peruvian seafood restaurant located in Richmond Hill, New York. It is owned and operated by Chef Luis Caballero who has dedicated his life to mastering the perfect recipes for traditional dishes such as ceviche, causas, sopas, and arroz. Caleta 111 is renowned for using only the freshest seafood in NYC to ensure a constantly rotating menu.

You can also try the home-made chicha morada in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, making Caleta 111 stand out from all the other restaurants in the neighborhood. 

  • 111-27 Jamaica Ave, Richmond Hill, NY 11418 
  • (929) 335-0386
  • https://caleta111.com/menu.html

Pio Pio

Pio Pio is a popular Peruvian restaurant in Jackson Heights. It’s known for its succulent rotisserie-style chicken and tasty sauces. The restaurant also serves up classic Peruvian dishes like ceviche, lomo saltado and the famous aji de gallina – a creamy chicken stew made with walnuts, cheese, and yellow pepper cream sauce.

What’s more, Pio Pio features an authentic atmosphere with traditional Latin music playing in the background.

Pio Pio also offers catering services so you can bring its delicious flavors to any event. From birthdays to weddings, the Pio Pio team will make sure your guests are always happy and well-fed.

Tu Casa

Tu Casa Restaurant in Queens serves authentic Peruvian dishes and is ideal for family-style and group eating.

Bistec Tu Casa, a steak with rice, beans, maduros, and chorizo fried eggs on top, and chicharrones de pollo, boneless pieces of fried chicken Caribbean style with tostones, are only served here with a one-of-a-kind incomparable green sauce that has diners begging for seconds.


Urubamba Restaurant is known for its excellent Peruvian cuisine and extensive menu selection. The restaurant is one of the oldest Peruvian restaurants in New York.

Here, you can find some typical foods like Pollo a La Brasa, ceviche, and soups and Peru’s most famous dish, which is a fried or roasted guinea pig.

The Shrimp Paella, which comes with spiced rice and french fries, comes in a large plate-like most of their food is intended to be shared.

Kantu Peruvian Cuisine

Kantu Peruvian Cuisine is a cozy venue in Forest HIlls inspired by the traditional colors and landscapes of Peru. Offering an intimate environment with personalized customer service, Kantu provides a diverse menu that range from ceviche to different preparations of meats and sauces, all made with fresh and authentic ingredients.

The atmosphere is great, providing excellent service and making customers feel welcomed. Highly recommended for date nights, get togethers, and celebrations, Kantu is an absolute must for all the Peruvian food lovers or anyone looking to try something new. The Sangria pitcher is a steal there, so be sure to give it a try!

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