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A Slice of Heaven: The Best Pizza in Queens

If you’re looking for the Best Pizza Restaurants in Queens NY, you’ve come to the right place.

The truth is …

Pizza is one of the most iconic foods.  But with so many pizza restaurants in NYC is hard to choose where to go.

The best part?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite spots, so you can enjoy a delicious slice (or two) no matter where you are in the borough. From classic and old-school pizzerias to newer, artisanal joints, there’s something for everyone here.

So grab a friend and get ready to chow down!

Sac’s Place

Sac’s Place, the only pizzeria you can get a pizza cooked in a carbon furnace in Astoria, is Sac.
Coal stoves in New York City are not prevalent, so that’s an excellent thing.
From the oven, the pizza crust acquires a tiny bit of char – if you like it a little crispier, you can definitely as them for it.
Tomato sauce (they use San Marzano tomatoes) and cheese is the greatest way to get your pizza — baked in a coal oven; it’s a delicious, genuine NYC cuisine.

Its homemade marinar gnocchis are excellent – they are so light, pillowy and delicious.

Nick’s Pizza

Nick’s Pizza is quite popular, so expect a line out the door, especially on weekends. They are known for making one of the best pizza in NYC.

The pizza dough is substantial without being thick or overbearing, and it has a good bite to it.
Their sauce is sweet and tangy, and their Margherita pizza is a good example of their pizza-making abilities.
They make a delicious white pie as well.

There are a few salads on the menu, and the house salad, which consists of watercress, arugula, roasted peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes in a light honey Dijon dressing, is delicious.

There are no slices available because the pies are only offered whole.
They’re also cash-only.

Lucia Pizza

Lucia Pizza first opened its doors in 1958, and since then, it has been providing pies and slices, as well as garlic knots, heroes, several pasta dishes, calzones, and Jamaican beef patties.
A basic slice is the best way to sample their amazing New York-style pizza.
This is a saucier slice than you’d find at a typical pizza shop, but the cheese and sauce balance is amazing.

Because the pizza is so delicious, there is usually a line to order, and the area can get busy.

They also sell Italian ices, which are very popular on hot days.

Louie`s Pizzeria

Louie’s Pizzeria is considered to serve the best Pizza in Elmhurst Queens.

From traditional Sicilian slices to New York style and deep dish, has it everything!
The toppings are kept simple, the bases are thin and crispy, and the flavor bursts forth in your tongue as soon as you bite into it.

Dee’s Wood Fired Pizza & Kitchen

Dee’s Wood Fired Pizza & Kitchen offers amazing food. The pizza is made to order in their custom made brick oven. Their foccacia bread is also made to order, is just as delicious, and comes in four varieties. But Dee’s is not only about great pizza. The menu has a full list of gourmet burgers, entrees, and a long list of pastas. Their kids menu has tons of options too, which I found refreshing.

Kids should have more choices, and Dee’s Pizza provides them, with four pasta choices, a salad option, and three pizzas to choose from. Plus, each option also includes a drink and dessert.

Did I miss your favorite pizza on the Best Pizza Restaurants in Queens NY list?

Please let me know what your favorite is in the comments below. Thanks for reading and enjoy Queens’ best pizza!