Insiders guide to the Best Thai restaurants in Queens

Looking for the best Thai Restaurant in Queens NY. Thai food is becoming one of the trendiest cuisines in NYC. Thai food has a variety of flavors, from sweet to spicy and sour. Not only is it delicious but oil-free, and the added herbs and spices, which have antioxidants ingredients, make it a healthy meal.

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With so many Thai food spots in Queens to choose from, we have done the work for you and made a list of the top restaurants you simply cannot miss. 

Here are the best Thai restaurants in Queens NY.


SriPraPhai has been considered the best Thai restaurant in all of NYC—for many years. Their food is authentic and tasty. Some of their popular appetizers are papaya salads, steamed chicken dumplings, fried pork, and crabmeat roll. The menu is so huge with so many selections. Their Thai classics dishes are excellent, including the famous Pad Thai.

While you can get Panang curry on practically any Thai restaurant menu, Sripraphai makes it a bit differently. This curry is spicy and served on a flat dish rather than floating in a rich coconut milk soup. It’s delicious with a layer of creamy coconut milk poured on top.

You can also get excellent mouthwatering seafood.

In the last few years, the restaurant went through a revamp, including a new outdoor patio with beautiful flowers and a bubbling fountain.

This is an “only cash” no credit card accepted.

Chao Thai

Chao Thai is a fantastic Thai restaurant in Elmhurst.

There are some well-known meals on the menu, such as pad thai, as well as some lesser-known ones, such as tua han soup, which is made with swine liver, heart, and intestines in a sour mustard broth.

The area is cramped, with just about 25 seats available, and it isn’t particularly atmospheric, but the food more than compensates.
It’s hot and spicy, with generous servings.


Whether you’re looking for a nice, authentic Thai meal or just want to spice up your night with some culture and food from across the world; there’s no better place than Ayada.

Ayada is a small, excellent Thai restaurant on Woodside Avenue. It has been reviewed by many publications and is a front runner for the title of Queens’ top Thai restaurant. The tom yum soup, drunken noodles, and larb are particularly noteworthy dishes.


Arunee Thai is a Thai restaurant with an extensive menu; their dishes tend to be in large portions generally.

Their juicy chicken satay, served with their wonderful peanut sauce, is a great way to start.
Their noodle dishes are fantastic, especially the pad krapraow; the jan pad poo is deliciously hot, filled with crabmeat, chile, garlic, and scallions —it’s hard to go wrong with spicy crab noodles.
Have a scoop of mango ice cream for dessert, or try the durian ice cream if you’re looking for something a little more extreme.

I hope you enjoy the list but if by chance your favorite Thai restaurant is missing from this list please let me know.   Thanks

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